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 NEW ARRIVALS - September 1998


Philadelphia Civic Center
Garden Elements
Antique Lighting
Antique Iron
Antique Hardware

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Where's this? Think you're so smart? Dept... Where's this? Answer at the bottom of the page
celgrate.jpg (6910 bytes) celgrat2.jpg (6950 bytes)
This heating grill is in the ceiling...40 feet up... there's an Architecturologist in the rafters...

celgrat3.jpg (17128 bytes)

...and the finished product...

walmant.jpg (13139 bytes)

whimant.jpg (4602 bytes)

Two olde mantels...the heavily-carved walnut mantel is from a building in Harlem

hurplat.jpg (14844 bytes) Those iron pieces are called hurricane plates--used to hold a building together during construction.  This site used to be a NJ sugar factory--Manhattan in the background.
orgates.jpg (20221 bytes) Ornate iron gates...

switch.jpg (8655 bytes)

glasblok.jpg (6681 bytes)
They don't make those switches like they used to--from a Philadelphia factory...and a supply of glass building blocks
Answer to Think you're so smart?:  That staircase is in Penn Station, NYC.  (But you knew that.) The Architecturologists got five sections of that railing, 14 feet each--they're putting escalators in.


Tell us what you need and we'll see if we can find it for you. Understand that what is listed on our web site is not even 25% of our complete inventory.
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