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 NEW ARRIVALS - January 1999


Philadelphia Civic Center
Garden Elements
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The Architecturologists got a short quote in the October 1998 Old House Journal article "Salvage Savvy" (no longer online, sorry!) Click to read "Salvage Savvy"

The following are more of our recent olde arrivals... check out these amazing new finds...

bkmar.jpg (9351 bytes)

Bookmatched marble wainscoting taken from the Candor Building on 42nd Street

bkmar3.jpg (9556 bytes)

bkmar2.jpg (9524 bytes)

elevdial.jpg (8596 bytes) Also from this building are
these elevator dials.  They are cast iron and brass
Also some really decorative new mantels....
Olde leaded glass skylight - also from the East German Embassy
skylit.jpg (8089 bytes) skylit2.jpg (7828 bytes)


Tell us what you need and we'll see if we can find it for you. Understand that what is listed on our web site is not even 25% of our complete inventory.
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