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 NEW ARRIVALS - April 1999


Philadelphia Civic Center
Garden Elements
Antique Lighting
Antique Iron
Antique Hardware

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lioness.jpg (9490 bytes)

Welcome to a new update!--it's been longer than we would have liked. That smiling face is terra cotta, of course

ironscncs.jpg (11136 bytes)

brnzscnz.jpg (6122 bytes)

Lots of new lighting...including these cast iron sconces and bronze lantern

More cast iron newel posts, railings and balustrades--from Harlem rail12.jpg (9341 bytes)
trefoil.jpg (6623 bytes) churchbal.jpg (7072 bytes)
The Architecturologists removed the trefoil--about four feet diameter--and tapered wooden balustrades from a Jersey City church
lghtpst1.jpg (10043 bytes)
This cast iron lamppost (two pieces) came direct from Central Park--see New York City inscription below


lghtpst2.jpg (9181 bytes)

theatsts.jpg (8769 bytes) hurriplts.jpg (8694 bytes)
Great olde theater seats, two sets--leather and decorative cast iron The Architecturologists are going to make sconces out of these iron hurricane plates from Buffalo
planter1.jpg (14128 bytes) Creations by Perry (Mr. Perry to you)... The planters here were all made from salvaged iron at our Scranton location--we're making a lot more stuff there--more on that to come

planter2.jpg (7763 bytes)

planter3.jpg (8621 bytes) planter4.jpg (8721 bytes)
tile1a.jpg (8166 bytes) These great figural tiles are part of a mantel surround--like the one below
tile2a.jpg (9386 bytes)

tile3a.jpg (5760 bytes)

tile4a.jpg (7234 bytes)
We have a large selection of olde pattern tiles like this one by Trent tile5a.jpg (3774 bytes)


Tell us what you need and we'll see if we can find it for you. Understand that what is listed on our web site is not even 25% of our complete inventory.
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