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 NEW ARRIVALS - July 2003


Philadelphia Civic Center
Garden Elements
Antique Lighting
Antique Iron
Antique Hardware

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Olde Good Things is rated the 2003 Winner for Best Pre-War Details by New York Magazine... 
in the May 19th issue...  follow this link for the

"The Best of New York"

And be sure to visit our checked-for-freshness, newly-redesigned, stock-rotated

Online catalog!

You won't want to miss it!

For all our olde-time customers who have become familiar with the flavor of our architectural inventory over the past 8 years and for any newcomers looking for the eye-catching and unique, we are pleased to offer this preview of finds expected in within the next few weeks.

Some of our most experienced buyers who know our customers' styles... have handpicked these architectural treasures... We plan to display and make available these and other items for purchase by the beginning of June at our store locations, as well as at our huge national warehouse location in Scranton, PA.


Take a look at the detail of these beautiful marble mantels...

Ref:  AR03MM1


Ref:  AR03MM2


Ref:  AR03MM3

Magnificent stained glass skylight
Ref:  AR03G1 with painted glass detail

Much more stained and painted glass available.. breathtaking and just plain gorgeous

 Ref:  AR03G11 Ref:  AR03G15



Here you have doors dating back from the late 1800s made of wood with glass, double entry doors, many with iron detail... even a pair of castle doors...


Ref:  AR03D87
Ref:  AR03D54 Ref:  AR03D59

Ref:  AED003 Ref:  AED005
Ref:  AR03D29-38 Ref:  AR03D31
Ref:  AR03D9 Ref:  AR03D52
We found the iron you love, with a lighter, elegant structure, 
yet the same strength olde iron affords.
Ref:  AR03B21  
  Ref:  AR03B9
Ref:  AR03B4 Ref:  AR03B14

Ref:  AR03B8


  Ref:  AR03B11
Ref:  AR03I7 Ref:  AR03I5
Lighting as you may have never seen before in bronze, crystal, milk glass--figural as well as quite simple... from chandeliers to sconces...
Ref:  AR0373 Ref:  AR0375
Ref:  AL009 Ref:  AL001
Ref:  AR03L4 Ref:  AL003
Ref:  AL004 Ref:  AR03L6
Ref:  AR03L11
And still more unusual finds...

Ref:  AC001

Ref:  AC002

Ref:  AC003

Ref:  AG001
Ref:  AF001 Ref: AO001
Ref:  AE001 Ref:  AP001
Ref:  AT001  


Tell us what you need and we'll see if we can find it for you. Understand that what is listed on our web site is not even 25% of our complete inventory.
Get updates!  

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