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 NEWSLETTERS - April 2004

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Olde Good Things newsletter--information on our latest excavations and unique finds, as well as tips and ideas from our seasoned staff. Enjoy!


 Latest Excavations
The Morris House - Baltimore, Maryland

In 1921, Mr. Moses Morris purchased nine acres of land on Slade Avenue and commissioned popular architect Mr. Benjamin Frank to design his house in the suburb of Pikesville, MD. The Georgian exterior of the mansion had few alterations over the years except for the kitchen wing, which originally was a glassed-in sunroom.

The Morris family lived in their home until it was sold, along with five acres, in 1933 to Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Weiler. In 1957, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Halle purchased the estate and lived there until May of 1986, when it was purchased by The Harlan Company of Maryland, Inc. at well over 20 times its original price. The Building was then used for the 11th Baltimore Symphony Decorators Show House prior to it's demolition in January of 2004.


Riverside Hotel, Philadelphia, PA:

The Riverside Hotel was built circa 1860. It was one of the first hotels built in the Philadelphia area, and was located right along side of the Delaware River in Bucks County, PA. We retrieved from this site many 5-panel wooden doors with hardware, eight wooden mantels with tile surrounds and inserts, stairway and railings, an abundance of wooden molding and much more to come!




Lee Avenue Church, New York:

We purchased the salvage rites to this late 1800s church on Lee Avenue in Williamsburg Brooklyn. This structure was heavily carved in the gothic style using only the finest flamed mahogany and other hard woods. The Architecturologists were able to salvage the mahogany pews, wainscoting and altars, as well as the heart pine quatrefoils from the high cathedral ceilings with 8 to 12 foot carved brackets. This building was ingeniously put together. Even the stained glass windows were hand-painted – each ranging from 14 to 20 feet in height. We carefully removed each window and dismantled them to make smaller panels. Now these panels have been reframed in reclaimed chestnut wood frames for much easier installation into a home setting.

Click here to see more items from these excavations, and from previous excavations. Olde Good Things has developed a wonderful reputation in the salvage business. As a result, we have many new and exciting excavations of choice estates on the horizon. Read all about them in upcoming newsletters on our website.






What’s Happening at Olde Good Things 

Since our last newsletter, we have visited many antique markets throughout the country - including the famous and vast Brimfield Antique Market... Visit our 24th Street store to see many of the unique antique treasures we found for resale there.

Our California division of Olde Good Things is getting more and more established! We now have a warehouse open in Signal Hill (Long Beach), California. You can call us for an appointment at (213) 210-7675.



 Tip of the Month: Antique Hardware
Antique hardware CAN be used on new doors. Many people think that if they have modern doors with a large hole already cut out for a doorknob that they can’t use antique hardware. However, doors can be easily fitted with a latch purchased at any hardware store (or on our online store). This latch fits into new doors and adapts the olde hardware. Then all you need is a backplate or large rosette and the prefab hole is camouflaged. These authentic old-world details are wonderful ways to add charm to any home, store, or office space.
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Olde Good Things is a reliable source for authentic antiques. We have been working with eBay for over 5 years and have a 99.5% positive feedback rating. Here are just a few examples of what our customers are saying:

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 About Us
Olde Good Things is your one-stop source for authentic architectural antiques. Visit us Online, in our 4-floor NYC Showroom, or at our 135,000 sq. ft. Scranton, PA Warehouse!  12,000 SF Showroom/Warehouse in LA, California. You’ll find… 

All varieties of Antique Wood Flooring to choose from, including Heart-pine and Red or White Oak, expertly milled and planed to precise specifications
Over 2,000 Interior and Exterior Doors IN STOCK!
Original Antique Hardware and Fixtures
Furniture and Lighting
Vast array of Iron Balconies and Gates
Marble and Wooden Fireplace Mantels
Garden Ornaments and Fountains
Tin Panels and Tin & Copper Mirrors
Terra Cotta and Ornamental Ceramics
Rare Handpicked Finds!!!

See our previous newsletter for more interesting information.... 



Tell us what you need and we'll see if we can find it for you. Understand that what is listed on our web site is not even 25% of our complete inventory.
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