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 NEWSLETTERS- June 11, 2007

Architectural Tin Ceiling Patterns for Mirror Frames



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New Ceiling Tin Patterns for Mirrors
Recent Excavations & Acquisitions
Customer Showcase


New Ceiling Tin Patterns for Tin framed Mirrors

Our Americana reproduction tin ceiling mirror frames have been one of our customer's favorite custom mirror purchases on our online store.  Now we are introducing several new patterns to add to the already popular fish tin, alternating flower, pinwheel, snowflake and hazelton flower pressed tin ceiling patterns already available.

Pinwheel Snowflake Hazelton Flower

New patterns include a 10 in. frame called clover torches - and two 4 in. frames - four corner fleur de li and
center flower and petal.



These mirrors are available in many sizes from small bathroom size mirrors to full size dressing mirrors. 

These can also be made in bulk order since it is new tin from old presses - so bulk buyers are welcome!



Contact us for more details on customer mirror orders from Olde Good Things...




Recent Excavations and Acquisitions

This rural Pennsylvania church had decorative tin on the ceilings and walls.  Now you can purchase panels and mirrors made from this tin...

Also, coming soon - is the stained glass windows as well...


New York City, Alice Tully Hall

A recent interior excavation of Alice Tully Hall yielded some interesting architectural elements including the unusual South American wooden acoustical walls as well as interior sconces...





Customer Showcase

F.B. from Washington State purchased iron for her home from Olde Good Things in Pennsylvania - and had 100 feet shipped to them - fully restored and installed - they were very pleased with the results and sent us these pictures of the finished product!


Featured in this well-known Italian publication are antique ceiling tin panels from Olde Good Things used to decorate a popular restaurant - these versatile panels are used to accent many design projects - this is just one!


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