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 NEWSLETTERS - May 24, 2008

Memorial Day 2008 at Olde Good Things
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Olde Good Glass


Glass is becoming one of our specialties at Olde Good Things

We are now developing a new line from salvaged glass windows.  Old window glass from famous buildings such as the Flat Iron Building and the New York Times Building in Manhattan are used to make mirrored panels.  Due to the age and distress of the glass - the mirrors take on an antique distressed mirrored look - no two are the same.


We also sell the glass as is.  Here you see how one of our customers built an entire structure using old reclaimed materials.  Including antique windows.  The entire new construction was made to look like an old factory. 




Corrugated glass and industrial style windows were used in this project


Our recent removal of the famous 300 foot stained glass window from JFK's American Airlines Terminal 8 is continuing to bring a lot of interest and design ideas.  Panels can be sold as is - or, as seen here, transformed into a light table.  Our customers continue to develop great new ideas for these unusual stained glass pieces.  Stay posted, more great developments to come...





What’s Happening at Olde Good Things 
Since our last newsletter we have done several removals of beautiful Olde Good Things, including from this Church in Massachusetts.  Retrieved from this location - was the solid oak beaded board wainscoting, copper cornice and circular window surrounds, interesting glass, doors and cabinetry - take a look at just some of the finds!

Here is a copper-framed mirror made from the gothic window surrounds from this church.  The 100 year old patina makes this mirror truly one of a kind...





New Arrivals
Brimfield Antique Market just passed and our buyers went to town!  We especially splurged on neat industrial stuff... take a look at just a few of our latest arrivals...

Great new finds - come and get them at our Manhattan Store, Scranton, PA warehouse location and...

California here we come!  A container full of fresh olde merchandise just left our warehouse a few days ago and should be arriving in Los Angeles early next week.... Don't forget to come to our warehouse unveiling sale - we'll keep you posted when it arrives!

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About Us
Olde Good Things is your one-stop source for authentic architectural antiques. Visit us online, in our 4-floor New York City showroom, or at our 135,000 sq. ft. Scranton, Pennsylvania warehouse! 12,000 sq. ft. showroom in Los Angeles, California. You’ll find… 

Over 2,000 interior and exterior doors IN STOCK!
Original antique hardware and fixtures
Furniture and lighting
Vast array of iron balconies and gates
Marble and wooden fireplace mantels
Garden ornaments and fountains
Tin panels and tin & copper mirrors
Terra cotta and ornamental ceramics
Rare handpicked finds!

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