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 NEWSLETTERS - January 2005

Welcome to the fifth edition of the Olde Good Things newsletter.
In this Newsletter you will find information on our latest excavations and unique finds,
as well as tips and ideas from our seasoned staff. Enjoy!


 Latest Excavations
The Architecturologists go to sea! The Staten Island Ferry - Walter Keane

The architecturologists retrieved many architectural finds from their recent excavations on the sea. They have recently salvaged The Staten Island Ferry, Walter Keane, and came to shore with various nautical treasures. This Ferry was converted into a floating prison years ago and was used to house inmates. It was docked in the east river and served as a temporary holding cell for suspects awaiting trial. We have anchors, chains, bells, weights, furniture, equipment and more! Below are just a few of the treasures now being offered to you by Olde Good Things.

Exterior photos of the Walter Keane


The Architecturologists go to work, finding treasures from from the past.


And on the inside we find beautiful benches, deck tables and chairs, showers, sinks, windows, and fixtures.

These photos were taken aboard the Reliable II, another New York City barge salvaged by Olde Good Things.


Here are some more pictures of the Nautical Treasures discovered by Olde Good Things.



Olde Good Things has developed a wonderful reputation in the salvage business.  As a result, we have many new and exciting excavations on the horizon. Read all about them in upcoming newsletters on our website.




What’s Happening at Olde Good Things 
Since we told you in our last newsletter, we officially made our mark in Los Angeles, where we acquired a 12,000 sq ft retail location right in downtown LA, two blocks from the LA Mart and the Staples Center... We're getting it ready for our Grand Opening announcement in January 2005! WEST COAST CUSTOMERS can now receive all our terrific olde good things delivered to your doorstep. Find out about our containers leaving on a monthly basis from our National Warehouse in Scranton to our new downtown LA location.

We're starting our new year with a bang. We will be at the LA Mart this month on the West Coast and on the East at "Antiques at the Pier" presented by Stella Promotions - so take a look at our show schedule and see if we'll be in your area for you to come see all our great finds!

We're getting known as the leading architectural salvage company in the United States - many facilities managers and building owners have been calling us to sell us salvage rights to their buildings prior to interior or complete demolition of properties. We offer competitive prices for salvage rights as well as have a fully insured, experienced staff who safely and carefully remove architectural elements.





 Tip of the Month: Custom Made Furniture - Boat Chain
Don't be afraid of buying these custom made iron creations.
These pieces are unique and one of a kind. You don't have to worry about the Jones' copying them. There are many different things you could make using the old boat chains. At our National Warehouse in Scranton, PA we have an onsite welder that will customize a unique and original table made to your specifications. Choose from one of the styles below, or use your imagination and create an original piece of furniture with originality and history. If you are interested in speaking with our staff about creating a custom table, please call us at 1-888-233-9678.





California Customer, J. H., first began his shopping experience with Olde Good Things at our Scranton Warehouse location. He purchased an iron arbor, terra cotta and stained glass and had all these items shipped via our monthly container to our LA location. After visting our new California store, he now frequents our S. Grand Avenue location and has purchased a variety of iron - gates, fencing and the like. He just loves to use the original items in his home decor. One of our regular customers loves Olde Good Things so much they are planning to make a showplace deep in the heart of TEXAS. Stay tuned for details. We do sell a lot to other dealers down south who also use our items to make lights, bed posts and many other unique items for resell. Thanks to all our repeat dealer customers we've become more and more known for our many architectural treasures. 

Many thanks to our valued repeat Olde Good Things customers, we appreciate your patronage!



 About Us
Olde Good Things is your one-stop source for authentic architectural antiques. Visit us Online, in our 4-floor NYC Showroom, or at our 135,000 sq. ft. Scranton, PA Warehouse!  12,000 SF Showroom/Warehouse in LA, California. You’ll find… 

All varieties of Antique Wood Flooring to choose from, including Heart-pine and Red or White Oak, expertly milled and planed to precise specifications.
Over 2,000 Interior and Exterior Doors IN STOCK!
Original Antique Hardware and Fixtures.
Furniture and Lighting.
Vast array of Iron Balconies and Gates.
Marble and Wooden Fireplace Mantels.
Garden Ornaments and Fountains.
Tin Panels and Tin & Copper Mirrors.
Terra Cotta and Ornamental Ceramics.
Rare Handpicked Finds!!!

See our previous newsletter for more interesting information.... 



Tell us what you need and we'll see if we can find it for you. Understand that what is listed on our web site is not even 25% of our complete inventory.
Get updates!  

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