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So what do these architecturologists have in that BIG truck?  
where are they headed?

Some of you may already know this... 

but the secret is getting out...

for those of you who are friends in the trade,
we have another great option to offer you
so you can acquire our great stuff...

now we can come to you.... 


Egg shield above the main entrance--also from Park Avenue


Our trucks... set up as showrooms leave our National Headquarters in Scranton weekly, well stocked with many fine wares...



including our handcrafted tin mirrors...


as well as lots of other interesting olde good things....

  Terra cotta columns flanking the garden entrance are actually from the facade of a New York City bank (they don't make 'em like that anymore)
Dealers, Designers, Decorators and Landscapers have been enjoying this new service in North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Texas, Michigan, Massachusetts, Connecticut ... all over the United States, east of the Mississippi. 

Contact us and find out when we'll be in your area.  Give us your requests ahead of time. This way we'll be sure to bring a variety of what you may be looking for. 

don't miss the boat! 
(uh... we mean truck :-) )

You never know when the next Architecturologists with
their traveling showroom may show up in your town! 





Tell us what you need and we'll see if we can find it for you. Understand that what is listed on our web site is not even 25% of our complete inventory.
Get updates!  

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